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My Father's World 1850 to Modern Times Hymns Study

Most of the following videos were gathered by Kelly Christian Academy - MFW 1850 to Modern Times Blog but I added them to my blog so I could find everything in one place.  :-) 
Weeks 1 - 2
Weeks 3 - 4
Weeks 5 - 6
Weeks 7 - 8
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Battle Hymn of the Republic with Lyrics _Sung by the Gaithers
Battle Hymn of the Republic with Lyrics
(NOT suitable for younger ones.  Battle scenes taken from different movies.
Some battles scenes are graphic.)
Weeks 9 - 10
Weeks 11 - 12
Weeks 13 - 14
Weeks 15 - 16
Weeks 17 - 18
Weeks 19 - 20
Weeks 21 - 22
Weeks 23 - 24
Weeks 25 - 26
God Be With You
Weeks 27 - 28
Weeks 29 - 30
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Weeks 31 - 32
His Name is Wonderful
Weeks 33 - 34
Crown Him With Many Crowns

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My Father's World and Story of the World Volume 4 Links

My Father's World and Story of the World Volume 4 Links

For the most part, I get supplemental videos and links from fellow bloggers who have much more extensive lists than I. ( Kelly Christian Academy - MFW - 1850 to Modern Times and Story of the World Volume 4 Video Links ) But I sometimes find things I want to add.  So here is the beginning of my compilations.  I have not completely previewed all content.  Please preview and decide if the content is suitable for your family. 

MFW - Week 3

YouTube Video - The Crystal Palace - The Great Exhibition 1851 London  (This was a video of paintings of the Great Exhibition set to music)
The Crystal Palace - Film of the Great Cast Iron and Plate Glass Building  (I included this video because it had actual footage of the building and its destruction)
V&A Great Exhibition (This was apparently an outtake from a movie)
The Great Exhibition scene from BBC North and South (I used Tube Chop to only feature the Great Exhibition scene from North and South, one of my personal favorite movies ;) )
North and South Impressions and Dreams (This is the source I took the above scene from.  This is a highlight of the movie itself.)

(We were, OK, I was fascinated with the Great Exhibition and the Crystal Palace, if that's not apparent.  ;) )

MFW Presidents Study

SOTW - Chapter 2

Florence Nightingale Movie (I have not previewed this hour long movie)

Amazon Prime currently has a Best of Mr. Peabody and Sherman (Season 1 episode 5) that includes Florence Nightingale.  To only watch the Florence Nightingale portion of the cartoon, start at about the 11:00 minute mark.

We also own The Animated Hero Classics - Florence Nightingale.  You may be able to access this resource through your library system.

MFW - Week 4

SOTW Chapter 3

Causes of the Taiping Rebellion  (My kids thought this one was funny to watch.)

MFW Presidents Study

Franklin Pierce (History Channel)
Franklin Pierce  (10 Minutes long)

Trial and Triumph - Hudson Taylor Extra

Courage to Run Read Aloud Extras

CTR Chapter 2
Ring Shout - Short Demonstration

CTR Chapter 3

CTR Chapters 4-5
Wade in the Water  (Devilish Character on album cover so you may want to minimize the screen and just listen.)

CTR Chapter 7

CTR Chapter 8

CTR Chapter 9

CTR Chapter 10

CTR Chapter 11

CTR Chapter 12
Oh Freedom (Shows a few pictures and drawings of the scars on the backs of slaves)

MFW Week 5

In God We Trust Extras

MFW Presidential Study

James Bucanan - History Channel
James Buchanan - Approx. 10 minutes (mentions suicide)
James Buchanan - Presidential Minute
Currently available on Netflix Streaming:
Dear America Season 1, Episode 3 - Picture of Freedom (Based on a slave girl in 1859)

Extra for Minnesota:

Minnesota Fast Facts

MFW Week 6

In God We Trust Extras
Harriet Tubman Biographies (Read Aloud follow up)
Harriet Tubman (8:22 minutes long) or
Harriet Tubman Mini Bio (7:27 minutes long)

We also own Nest Video - Harriet Tubman You may be able to access this resource through your library system.

MFW Week 7

MFW Presidents Study

History Extras:
 Civil War Summary (Could be watched during Week 8)

States Extras:

For the states we watch the History Channel show "The States" which we own.  (This was produced for adults so some content may not be suitable for younger children.  For instance, some states feature breweries.)  This used to be available on YouTube but seems to have been removed.

Extra for Kansas:

Kansas - Visit the 50 States

Extras for West Virginia:  (I have not previewed these yet)

West Virginia Fast Facts
John Henry by Rabbit Ears
Disney's John Henry
John Brown's Raid 

Currently available on Netflix Streaming:
Dear America Season 1, Episode 8 - When Will the Cruel War be Over (Based in 1864.  This could be watched during Week 7 or Week 8.)


MFW - Week 8

Civil War Extras:
Dixie Land Audio - Updated Version
The American Civil War - Every Day (A map animation showing the changing front lines of the civil war)
The American Civil War (This is a shorter version of the above map animation)

Oh Captain, My Captain! - By Walt Whitman
In God We Trust Extras:
Exploring American History Extras:
MFW Presidents Study Extras:
Nevada Extras


MFW Week 9

Nebraska Extra:
In God We Trust Extra:
SOTW Extras:
Confederation in Canada

 President Extras:


 MFW Week 10

States Extras:
Colorado Fast Facts
Rocky Mountain High by John Denver (Beautiful Scenery depicted in this video.)
President Extras:
 History Extras:
Rock Island Line by Johnny Horton (With lyrics and train scenes) or
Rock Island Line by Johnny Horton (This one has lots of pictures of Johnny Horton with other famous people.)


MFW Week 11

Commodore Matthew C. Perry (Watch after MFW day 3 or watch first half after day one and second half after day 3)
 Extras for The Stories of Foster and Sousa

John Philips Sousa and The Stars and Stripes Forever (This is actually a recording of John Philips Sousa's band recorded by Edison Records in 1909)

MFW Week 12

Presidential Extras:

Benjamin Harrison (Disney Production)

SOTW Extras:

Huascar (Ironclad) - (The first Minute and 20 seconds shows pictures of the Huascar)
Huascar Turntable Model - This is a computer generated model of the Huascar

How Peruvian Weaving Is Done (Talks about using children's urine to set the dye)
Traditional Peruvian Weaving (This video is not narrated but shows women weaving)
A Man, A Dream, A Canal - The Suez Canal

 MFW Week 13

States Extras:
In God We Trust Extra:
Frances Elizabeth Willard (A little hard to hear over the music)
SOTW Extras:
Britain and the Boer War (Has Profanity)
 We also watched Inside DeBeers which is currently available on Netflix Instant.

MFW Week 14

States Extras:

Utah's National Parks (Basically a commercial but it was all I could find)

Presidents Extras:

Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland - Presidential Minute
William McKinley (History Channel - Graphic Photos)
William McKinley Presidential Minute

History Extras:

Danakil Depression
Alexander Graham Bell Bio
Alexander Graham Bell's Voice
Spanish-American War

We also own the Nest Video - Alexander Graham Bell

The Animated Story Of Alexander Graham Bell Video On Interactive DVD

MFW Week 15

Westward Expansion
Page of American West Videos

America the Beautiful - Katherine Lee Bates

Mary McLeod Bethune
Industrial Revolution Overview
America's Industrial Revolution

Henry Ford Quadricycle

Stock Markets in Plain English
How the Stock Exchange Works
History of the New York Stock Exchage

Andrew Carnegie

MFW Week 16

The Boxer Rebellion (Some Graphic Images)

Theodore Roosevelt - Mini Bio
Theodore Roosevelt - Presidential Minute
Theodore Roosevelt - Part 1, Part 2 (Some Actual Footage)
Teddy Roosevelt Tours Brenton Island (1915 Footage)
Teddy Bear Story
Panama Canal

Czar Alexander II
Czar Nicolas II Part 1  (Chopped.  Murder scene removed)
Czar Nicolas II Part 2 (of chopped version above)

Russia Attemts to Seize Korea

Apologia - Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Apologia - Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics
This is a collection of videos I am compiling to go along with our studies
Lesson 1 Videos

Lesson 2 Videos

Brain Pop - States of Matter (page 31)

States of Matter with Bill Nye (page 31)

Introducing Solid, Liquid and Gas- YouTube (page 31)

Eureka 17 - Molecules in Liquid (page 32)

How To Make Goop  (similar experiment on page 33) or

How To Make Oobleck (similar experiment on page 33)

Surface Tension  (similar experiment on page 34) or

Surface Tension  (similar experiment on page 34)

Surface Tension - MIT Video (page 34)

Sorbet Experiment  (similar experiment on page 35.  You might want to view this one first)

States of Matter: Boiling Point  (page 36)

States of Matter (bottom of page 36 - Atoms together and apart)

Pop Rocks & Soda Experiment (experiment on page 37)  or

Pop Rocks & Soda Experiment (experiment on page 37)

Eureka 18 Evap Condense (page 39)

Water Cycle Experiment  (project on page 42)

Lesson 3 Videos

What is an Atom -Basics for Kids (page 43)

Eureka 22 - Atoms (page 43)

Crazy Foam Experiment (similar experiment on page 46) or

Elephant Toothpaste - The Sci Guys (My kids love to watch these videos)

Anatomy of an Atom (page 47) or

Anatomy of an Atom (page 47)

Plasma Ball Demo (page 47)

Meet the Elements Song (page 53 the periodic table of elements)

Tom Lehrer's - The Elements Song (page 53 the periodic table of elements)

Tom Lehrer's The Elements Song - Sing Along (page 53 the periodic table of elements)

Neon and Argon Lamp (page 56 - 4 minute video - How it works, inventors, development, types of low pressure gas-discharge lamps - Optional additional information)

Controlled Dynamite Explosion (page 56 - Optional additional information)

Covalent Bond (page 57)

How Sodium Reacts in Water (page 58)

Sodium Toss Video (page 58.  A video showing how a large amount of sodium reacts in a large pond.  My kids loved this short, 33 second video.)

Ionic and Covalent Bonding Examples (pages 57-59)

Cookie Periodic Table (project page 61.  This one is way better done yourself.)

Atoms, Molecules, Elements and Compounds (extra video)

Many of the following videos were gathered by Kelly Christian Academy - MFW 1850 to Modern Times Blog but were in a different order and were specifically for the science in the My Father's World 1850 to Modern Times science (World of Science) and not Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics so I'm not sure yet if they will match up exactly.  As we go through the book I am matching what I feel works best and adding my own.

Lesson 4 Videos

All About Crystals in 5 Minutes - My source stated the following about this video - "nice pictures; not fond of the narrator. I do NOT agree with his last statement!" After watching the video, I have to say that I agree with all of the above statements.  (Watch after page 66)

If you have Netflix Instant you might enjoy watching Inside De Beers.  The Netflix description of this video is as follows:  "This volume of the Bloomberg series takes viewers from DeBeers's Botswana diamond mine (the richest in the world) to its London headquarters."

Rubber Tree Tapping (page 67)

How to Make a Bouncy Ball (page 68) or
How to Make a Bouncy Ball

Balloon Skewer (page 69) or
Skewer Through Balloon

Disappearing Styrofoam Cup (page 72)

Orange/Lemon Juice Powered Light (end of page 72)

Pennies Exposed to Vinegar (page 73)

Testing Acids & Bases (page 76 start at 4:00 minutes) or
Testing Acids & Bases

Tim & Moby Acids and Bases (Watch before Chemical Chaos page 76)

Acids and Bases  (More technical; has nudity; original source edited using tube chop)

 Acids and Bases Part 1Acids and Bases Part 2 (edited version of technical video above; nudity removed)

Mentos and Coke Geysers (page 77)

Diet Coke Mentos Rocket (I don't recommend trying this at home!  This was just for fun viewing.  The guy does adjust his pants in the crotch at one point seemingly without thinking about is so just a warning.  You may want to view ahead of time to determine if you want your kids to watch.)

Steel Wool and Vinegar (page 77) or
Steel Wool and Vinegar

I couldn't find a video that did the Smoke Bomb Experiment the same way the book shows it so I am substituting with a couple of similar projects.  These are for the purpose of showing the project if we do not get a chance to actually do the project ourselves.

Home Made Signal Flares (similar to experiment on page 80) or 
Smoke Escape

How To Grow Alum Crystals - The Sci Guys (similar to project on page 81)

Lesson 5 Videos

Dancing Raisins (experiment on page 84) or

Nanna Know It All - Buoyancy

Milk, Food Coloring and Dish Soap Experiment (experiment on page 88)

How to make butter (experiment on page 91) or

How to make butter with the CrazyRussianHacker (I keep running across this crazy guy.  My kids think he is pretty funny.  BUT . . .  if you watch this one, be sure NOT to read his comments section or the comments section on any of his videos.)

Chalk Chromatography (Similar to experiment on page 93.  They use rubbing alcohol instead of water)

Water Filter Experiment (Similar but simplified experiment found on page 95)

The following I have not viewed but may (or may not) apply to this lesson.  I obtained them from Kelly Christian Academy:

The Thermometer Song

Eureka! 21 Temperature vs Heat

Eureka 28 Heat as Energy

Boiling and Freezing Point

Simulation of Melting and Vaporizing Water

Matter, Phases, and Phase Changes

Eureka 26 Buoyancy

Melting vs. Dissolving

Mixtures and Solutions

How Diffusion Works

Chemical and Physical Changes


Lesson 6 Videos

Penny Inertia Lab and  Penny Stack in Slow Motion  (Similar to experiment on page 99)

Inertia Penny Drop (Similar to experiment on page 100)

Egg Drop Inertia Challenge (Experiment on page 103)

Newton's Cradle Demo (A demonstration of a Newton's Cradle as pictured on page 103)

Straw Launcher (Experiment on page 104)

The following I have not viewed but may (or may not) apply to this lesson.  I obtained them from Kelly Christian Academy:

Eureka 9 - Kinetic Energy

Eureka 1 - Inertia

Forces in Motion

Air Pressure Explained

High and Low Pressure

What is Wind?

Force and Motion

Lesson 7

Coming Soon

Lesson 8

Coming Soon

Mr. Glane Chemistry Demo: Mouse Trap Chain Reaction

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MFW EX-1850 - Links to Hymns

I have been searching for hymns on YouTube to go along with our studies of Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan.  I would then save them on my favorites bar in my browser and then delete them after because it was crowding my favorites bar.  (Yes, I save a lot.)  Then I came up with the idea to save the links to my blog so they are easier to find and I don't have to delete them.  I had deleted the rest but may go back and see if I can find them.  I will also be adding to these as we go.  So, for now this is an incomplete list.

Weeks 1-2
This is My Father's World

Weeks 3-4
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Weeks 5-6
The Lord is My Shepherd

Weeks 7-8
Now Thank We All Our God

Weeks 9-10
Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed

Weeks 11-12
Am I a Soldier of the Cross?
(This one does not show the lyrics and does not include all the verses but was the best version I could find)

Weeks 13-14
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?

Weeks 15-16
Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing

Weeks 17-18
O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
Weeks 19-20
Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Weeks 21-22
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Weeks 23-24
When Morning Gilds the Skies
(This one is a more modern version and appears to be an advertisement for Alaska but it was the only one I could find that I liked.)

Weeks 25-26
My Faith Looks Up to Thee

Weeks 27-28
Amazing Grace

Weeks 29-30
The Solid Rock
(I haven't yet decided which one we'll use yet.  They sound the same but the background and font are different on each.)

Weeks 31-32
In the Cross of Christ I Glory

Weeks 33-34
O Worship the King

You may notice the 'quiet' in front of the word youtube.  This filters out most of the ads and such so we only see the video and not everything else.  :-)

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Our Time Line Book

We no longer had room for our wall timeline so I came up with my own solution.

I purchased a 14" X 8 1/2" landscape binder and 14" X 8 1/2" landscape sheet protectors from an office supply store.

I printed a thick line down the middle of several sheets of cardstock and placed them in the sheet protectors which I placed in the binder. 

I used the timeline pieces from our My Father's World curriculum to fill in the dates.

I used images from the internet and two pieces of card stock to make a custom cover sheet for our book.

My kids love to look through the book each time we place a new timeline piece in the book.

Below you can see our cover and our completed CTG pieces and some of our RTR pieces that were not yet completed but temporarily placed in the book so I could figure out the spacing that would be needed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

CTG Week 34 - Our Summer Olympics

For our last day of school we held Summer Olympics games.

Our first event was running

Dad was the finish line

Event #2 was the long jump

Event #3 was the javelin throw (or broomstick throw in our case)

Event #4 was a discus throw (a frisbee wrapped in tin foil)

Event #5 was a shot put (using a baseball)

Event #6 was going to be arm wrestling but...

ended up being thumb wrestling

We had a tie with both kids winning 3 events each
(the main reason we had an even number of events ;) )
Both participants 'won' their wreath crowns they made

The day turned out to be warmer than we expected so emotions ran a little high that day but I think they both still really enjoyed the events and their day.

CTG Weeks 32-33

CTG - Week 32

We actually accomplished some projects this week.  Our first project was a Greek pot.  Instead of doing the project listed in the CTG Teacher's Manual I decided to have the kids do a little simpler version from a project I found on the web site.  It can currently be found here:,default,pd.html?cgid=projects&start=1

The kids each painted their pot white and let them dry.  Then I cut out squares from blue sticky backed foam.  The kids arranged the foam squares in patterns (somewhat) on their dry pots.  Pretty easy.  Not a lot of mess.  My kind of project.

After learning about Esther my husband made the Hamantachen Cookies listed in the CTG Teacher's Manual.  We ate them while watching the Nest DVD about Esther.  They were very yummy and sweet.

The Story Of Esther Video On Interactive DVD

Oh, and during our Bible reading of Esther we would say boo and make noise each time Haman's name was mentioned. The TM states: "For Jews today, Purim is still celebrated as a fun holiday. Jewish people go to the temple and listen to the story of Esther. When they hear Haman's name in the story, they make a lot of noise. They boo and hiss ans stomp their feet or shake a noise-maker..." So that's what we did.

My kids and I also really enjoy the Veggie Tales version of Esther but didn't watch it at that time.

CTG - Week 33

After reading about Greek Dramas the kids colored and cut out theater masks from History Pockets:  Ancient Civilizations.

They also made 'Olive Wreath Crowns' that we used as 'prizes' for our Olympic Games we had our last day of school.  That post is next.

The directions for the crowns can currently be found at here:,default,pd.html?cgid=projects&start=1